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What is iSinglesMeet?
iSinglesMeet is a new type of free dating community centered on you, the daters of the world. When we mention the word free, we are absolutely serious. We will never charge you to be a member of this burgeoning global community. So if you are looking for date, serious relationship, a platonic friendship or more you have arrived to the best spot on the web.

How do I become a member?
To become a member simply fill out the registration form located here!

Is there a cost for this service?
No! is absolutely free. Our goal is not to charge any of our members a single dime. This free service is what sets us apart from the rest dating sites. We are truly free.

How old must you be to join?
To become a member you must be at least 18 years old.

What type of browser is best to use?
For best results, we suggest that you use either Google Chrome or Microsoft IE 7 and up.

Do you pre-approve profiles?
No, this is not some military installation which look you over before you are accepted in. Once you have created a profile, you have free access to every feature with needing to be approved.

Where do I fill out my personal information?
Once you have sign up, click on View My Profile link at the top. This action will lead you to your profile. Also, you can click on the Edit Profile link to edit your information.

Do I have to fill out my profile completely?
Yes. It is your prerogative if you want to completely fill out your profile or not. But why won’t you do so? Isn’t it the point of your presence here to meet someone? If that is the case, then filling your profile completely to your best ability will surely make you stand out in a sea of potential mates.

Is there any restriction on what I display on my profile?
Yes, you may display anything on your profile, except trademark and copyrighted material. Racist, sexist, homophobic, items are prohibited. Words or image that by their very nature may be offensive, rude, insulting, demeaning should be avoided. But other than that, do whatever you want.

How do I upload pictures?
First obtain your photos from your computer or digital camera. If you don’t possess a digital camera, you can scan your regular images on your computer. If you don’t have a scanner, you can always visit your local Kinko or UPS store for that service. Once you have obtained the image click on the Photos link once you have logged into your account. From there you can upload your photos to the site. A total of 10 will be accepted from our system. Note: The following image type are accepted: JPG,GIF, BMP or JPEG.

What is your picture policy?
You can upload any picture you like as long as it is not inappropriate and confirms to what was previously state. Your main image however, must be of yourself. It only makes sense, right? You won’t want to have as your primary image, an image of daffy duck. Also, make sure your face is clearly visible.

Can I change my password?
Yes! To change your password click the Edit Profile link and at the bottom of the page there is a section named "Edit Basic Info" where you can change your password.

How do I retrieve my forgotten password?
If you forgotten your password, simply click on the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page. Enter in your email address and then click submit. Expect an email with your password.

How do I search for an individual user?
To search for an individual user simply, click on Search or Advance Search. At the top left you will see, Search by Username in bold. Click on it and you will reach the area of the site where you can search for an individual user by his or her username.

How do I message a user?
On the individual profile page, click the button that says "Contact Username". This will lead you to the messaging page where you can write a message to the individual.

Can other members see my email address?
No, no other member can see your email address. It is held secured within our system. iSinglesMeet uses an internal messaging system. Your email is only known and used by us for the purpose of the site.

What is the purpose of the iSinglesMeet Rating?
iSinglesMeet rating is used to gauge how “iSinglesMeet” a member is to outer members of the community. By iSinglesMeet, we are referring to how appealing you are to the same or opposite sex. Do rate an member simply chose from the selection at the bottom. Next, select the number you feel that particular member is worth in terms of iSinglesMeetness.

Can I be excluded from being rated?
Yes, on your Photos page make all the photos "Allow Rating" checkbox unchecked and save the changes.

How do I cancel my membership?
If you wish to cancel your membership, please contact us directly at: and we will help you cancel it.

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